About CAT


Our History

  • CAT Reloaded, Computer Assistance Team, was originally founded and located in 1996 at the Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University, Egypt.
  • CAT​ aims to build a technical community suitable for those interested in computer science and IT fields, in addition to open source technologies.
  • CAT aspires to build an ever-growing community of students who are eager to learn computer science technologies. Offering a suitable atmosphere that qualifies them technically to the labor market, and provides them with on-demand personal skills.
CAT Reloaded Vector
CAT Reloaded Vector

Our Mission & Vision

  • Creating interactive internal technical and non-technical work environments (Circles) to help members come up with their best qualities.
  • Providing credible technical resources (roadmap) as a means of self learning in different fields.
  • Encouraging members to build and develop demanding projects that address the team’s challenges.
  • Seeking technical support by continuously connecting with our old generations members.
  • Organizing and hosting events locally and in the Arab region to help empower our technical knowledge.
  • Organizing and participating in technical workshops, bootcamps and courses.
  • Creating and Presenting technical content in different fields via our facebook page or the articles section on our website.
  • Participating in local and global technical competitions.
  • Contributing to open source projects.

Our Hierarchy

  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Eng. Ibrahim Abdel-Fatah

  • CAT Co-Founder
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Eng. Hisham El-Sawy

  • CAT Founder
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Eng. Ahmed Soliman

  • CAT Co-Founder

Team Board

  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Amr Mustafa

  • Coordinator
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Habiba Shera

  • Vice Coordinator
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Ammar Yasser

  • PR & FR Head
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Salma Shabaan

  • HR Head
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Rana Sheta

  • Logistics Head
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Moaz Zahran

  • Media Head
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Mohamed Khalid

  • Flutter Head
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Refaat Mohamed

  • UI/UX Head
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Nada Ezzeldin

  • Back-End Head
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Ahmed Abdrabou

  • Front-End Head
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Ahmed Emad

  • iOS Head
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Amany Ashraf

  • Android Head
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Yasser Ahmed

  • Data Science Head
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Shaima El-Badrawy

  • Computer Science Head
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Mariam Talaat

  • Game Development Head
  • CAT Reloaded Vector
  • Khalid Emad

  • CyberSecurity Head